An intuitive annotation tool for your deep learning needs

With the annotation tool you can...

  • Easily create your own training datasets by painting pixels.
  • Annotate multidimensional datasets.
  • Work online and annotate your images on the go.

    There are many more cool features. If you want to learn how to finetune your annotations or how to export your image annotations, watch our image annotation video tutorials.

Pick a dataset from below to experience the annotation tool.

To annotate your own images, please sign up.

Neurospheres – Fluorescence

Fluorescent  z-stack of neurospheres showing fixed clusters of neural stem cells.

    Elodea – Brightfield

    Elodea plant brightfield time series showing cytoplasmic streaming of chloroplasts.

      HeLa cell – SEM

      High resolution FIB–SEM z-stack of a HeLa cell showing cell organelles.   

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