Deep Learning
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arivis AI provides an easy way to train your own deep learning models
and segment your microscopy images. No coding required.

arivis AI Annotate

The quality and relevance of training data directly affects the performance of your deep learning model. arivis AI provides an easy to use interface for you to precisely annotate multi channel and multi-dimensional images.

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arivis AI Train

arivis AI brings state of the art deep learning algorithms for your image segmentation needs. Just follow the walk through workflow to train a  model for semantic (pixel) or instance (object) segmentation.

arivis AI Segment

Use trained deep learning model to automate your image segmentation tasks. arivis AI takes care of image pre-processing and handling operations so you can focus on the results.

arivis AI Insights

Gain insights from your segmented images by extracting relevant information about segmented regions and objects. Explore our modules that are designed for data evaluation, analysis, and plotting.


Arrange image processing modules from the platform into your customized solutions.

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arivis Cloud stories

“arivis Cloud (APEER) is just the solution we need. Actually, if APEER wouldn't exist, we would probably have to develop it on our own.”

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Prof. Dr. Ralf B. Wehrspohn

Director Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS

“As microscopists, we built the platform we always wished for. A platform that lets any researcher customize and automate image processing tasks regardless of their coding skills.”

Sreenivas Bhattirpolu

APEER Academia Key Account Manager

Sreenivas Bhattirpolu APEER product owner

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