APEER Advent: Explore APEER and Win Cool Prizes


December is a good time to have some fun.Each week we invite you to explore different functionalities of APEER. And because it’s christmas season we reward you for it. Participate in APEER Advent and win a Kindle Paperwhite, an Ipad mini 4 or a Surface Pro.*


Refer APEER to a friend or colleague and you enter a chance to win the Surface once your friend has signed into APEER using your referral code.

1.) Click on the christmas tree icon in the upper right corner of your APEER screen (logged-in-status)

You will see your personal referral code.

2.) Copy the referral code and invite your friends to APEER.

Maybe you would like to collaborate on private Modules together?

3.) Once your friends have become APEER users, you will automatically get a chance to win the Surface.


You will build your own Workflow resulting in your personalized season’s greetings card.  

1.) Download the blank APEER Christmas Card

Download the full size image here.

2.) Go to the APEER Workflow Builder

3.) Click on “Define Input” and select the option “Upload Files”.

Upload the blank christmas card.

4.) Add a second Module

Select the “plus” sign at the upper right side of the Input Module.

An entire new menu opens with a search bar and a drop down of Modules.

Search for “Christmas” in the Search Bar, select the “APEER season’s greetings card”

5.) Personalize your Christmas card

Select your message and type it into the free text field.

6.) Connect the two Modules

7.) Run your Workflow

8.) Save Your Workflow

9.) Share your card

You may repeat your Workflow as many times as you would like to – after all you probably want a couple of Christmas cards ;-).

Don’t forget to share one of your cards with news@apeer.com. You will automatically be eligible to win the iPad mini.


1.) Run the APEER Advent workflow “Scratch Assay Analysis”.

This is how our christmas workflow looks. Click on the link above or search for “christmas” in the Workflows tab.

2.) Share your results with news@apeer.com and you will have the chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite.

Here is a step by step guide to running the christmas workflow

Once you hit run on the overview page, this screen pops up. Don’t worry, we have already uploaded an image for you. Just hit “Run” again
The light blue field indicates what it is happening in the workflow engine.
Once the workflow is running, you can see the progress in the light blue filed and indicated by the buttons.
After completion you will see this screen. Just give your first workflow result a name and hit the “save”button in the lower right corner.
On the results page, you see a lot of cool things. You will now use the “Share” function.
These are all the sharing function. For your participation in APEER Advent, choose “Email”
Your email program will open up, prepopulated with copy and the sharing link
EXTRA SPECIAL: You actually do not need to wait while your christmas workflow is running. You can close the window. & explore. Meanwhile the blue field on the top of the page will indicate the progress. You can then find the results in your workspace.

*Terms of Participation:  

The „APEER ADVENT“ contests are organized by Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH (“ZEISS”), Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 10, 07745 Jena, Germany. Each participant may take part only once.

Each participant has to be registered on apeer.com. There are two kinds of different contests. Each participant may take part in one or both.

Contest I

To take part in Contest I and be eligible to win the Kindle Paperwhite, you have to run a specific workflow on apeer.com and share this workflow later on.

On the APEER Platform www.apeer.com you can find the Workflow Scratch Assay Analysis.

In order to participate in the contest, you are asked to run the Workflow and use the sharing button after successful running and share the result via email with news@apeer.com.

The Workflow will be clearly marked with Christmas colors.Among all participants ZEISS will raffle one Kindle Paperwhite Generation 2018.

Participation in Contest I is possible within the period December 5, 2018 until January 6, 2019.

Contest II

To take part in Contest II and be eligible to win the Apple iPad Mini 4th generation, you have to create an own workflow according to an instruction provided under the link apeer.com/blog/apeer-advent-explore-apeer-and-win-cool-prizes, where you can find an image to download and instructions on how to use this image for a workflow you have to build.

Once you have built the workflow and shared your result with news@apeer.com.
Among all participants ZEISS will raffle one Apple iPad Mini 4th generation.

Participation in Contest II is possible within the period December 13, 2018 until January 6, 2019.

Employees and cooperation partners of ZEISS including among Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH other members of the Carl Zeiss group, as well as their respective dependents, are not allowed to participate.

The winner of each Contest will be contacted by ZEISS via Email via the provided contact details. The prizes will be sent to each winner by regular deliverers.

ZEISS reserves the right to exclude every participant who did not made the required statements truthfully or did acted contrary to these terms of participation.

Cash payment of the reward is precluded.

Contest III:

To take part in Contest III and to be eligible to win a Microsoft Surface Pro, you have to invite at least two other users to APEER and these users have to sign up successfully to APEER including verifying their e-mail address. A form and an instruction can be found on blog.apeer.com/apeeradvent.

Among all participants ZEISS will raffle a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Participation in Contest III is possible within the period December 20, 2018 until January 6, 2019.

Muriel Skusa

External Communications

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