APEER at Life Sciences Baltics


ZEISS Initiative APEER to present machine learning workflow at Life Sciences Baltics Conference

State-of-the-art deep learning algorithm segments cells on digital microscopy platform APEER, booth #5.23

The digital microscopy platform APEER showcases image processing workflows that utilize machine learning technologies at Life Science Baltics. The workflows have been produced with start-up-partners in order to offer a platform containing software solutions to those image processing challenges most typical in life science applications. APEER is looking for early adopters from research institutions to establish more use cases.

APEER workflows can be utilized and adopted to specific use cases even without programming skills. Researchers can choose to keep their modules private or share them with their peers and the research community. Researchers also have a choice of making their source code public to create an open source application.

APEER is a cloud based digital solutions platform. It enables researchers to create and customize image processing and data analysis workflows – all the way from image acquisition to data reporting. The platform offers infrastructure necessary for researchers to develop custom modules using a programming language of their choice. The reusable modules can be easily combined to create workflows for various tasks like segmentation, visualization or analysis reports.

APEER’s initial release went public in July 2018. The platform was initiated by ZEISS Microscopy addressing an often reported lack of customized software solutions for researchers’ specific needs.

Roman Zinner

Content Manager

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