Neuroscience 2018: APEER’s Machine Learning Workflow


At the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego team APEER showcases a machine learning workflow to automatically detect and segment neurons. Users can build an end-to-end workflow from image acquisition with their microscopes to reporting, by leveraging ZEN Software and APEER, the open platform.

After its initial release earlier this year, APEER has been launched in the United States, Europe and India. It promotes the collaboration between scientists and provides community-building functions, such as the ability to share code with peers or swap data sets. The plan is to further promote match-making between coding specialists and researchers.

Dr. Markus Weber, Head of the Microscopy business group, highlights APEER’s unique features: “With APEER, we are giving researchers the opportunity to concentrate more on their work and less on image processing by providing them with all the tools necessary to collaborate and build solutions for their specific research needs.”

A broad network of developers and test users from the field of scientific microscopy are continuously involved in shaping APEER. The platform is being gradually made available to scientific institutions and the industry:

Press Pictures:

Bernhard from team APEER introduces the future of microscopy and the APEER vision

APEER presented a machine learning workflow to detect and segment neurons at the booth in San Diego
Muriel Skusa

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