Automated Image Analysis
A scalable solution for reproducible results

· Easily train AI models
· No coding required
· Work with large data sets
· Automate pipelines

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Sample courtesy of Dr. Magdalena Vater, Karmacharya lab, Harvard Medical School/MGH.

Image Analysis Solutions

Our software ecosystem enables you to automate your image analysis tasks - from routine applications to challenging deep-dive analyses. Learn more about some of our solution examples below.

Solution Examples

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Accelerate your R&D with Automated Image Analysis

Faster, reliable results powered by AI

APEER by ZEISS provides AI-driven, automated image analysis solutions that enable researchers to push the boundaries of traditional methods. With APEER you can easily train your AI model for image segmentation. Create and customize your image analysis application with a few clicks. Integrate your trained model with end-to-end automated pipelines. Save time by reducing repetitive manual steps and avoid human errors by using advanced automated solutions for image analysis. Improve your throughput without compromise on the quality and reproducibility of your results.

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Why our Customers Choose APEER

Image processing made easy

Access advanced deep learning algorithms for image segmentation via an intuitive interface. No coding knowledge is necessary.

Rapid results

Accelerate your journey to commercialization by automating routine tasks. Improve your reproducibility and throughput.

Maximum value for money

Invest smart and save your money for your value-adding core business. Do not spend it on expensive software and workstations.

Support & guidance from our experts

Access best in class expert support for startup friendly rates. The APEER expert network is your first point of contact to solve your image analysis challenges.


Deep Learning Segmentation

Use deep learning to solve your image analysis task. Take advantage of the full power of deep learning without any coding knowledge. Our user friendly UI guides you through the required steps to train your own model using your own data.

Automate your image analysis and free up your time for more research

1. Annotate

As a subject matter expert, define the ground truth by painting a few pixels in your training images.

2. Train

To start the deep learning training, just click the Train button.

3. Segment

Use the trained model to segment new images or download the model for offline image analysis.

4. Insights

Use the reported post-segmentation metrics to gain insights from your images.


Automated Pipelines

Fully automate routine image analysis using AI-trained models to boost your productivity and ensure reproducible results. Automated pipelines can be customized for your specific requirements using the ZEISS digital ecosystem.

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Automate your image analysis and free up your time for more research

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We are committed to supporting academic research with our machine learning platform.

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Image analysis solutions we offer

Deep learning segmentation

Deep Learning is making it possible to automate the segmentation of complex features in scientific images. APEER makes this technology accessible to BioTech researchers via an intuitive interface.

Custom workflows

Repetitive tasks are the biggest ‘tax’ on your business. APEER offers customized image analysis workflows designed to improve your throughput and reproducibility.

Cost-efficient image analysis in the cloud

Enjoy the security, flexibility, and mobility offered by the cloud infrastructure in addition to its cost savings for system hardware and software.

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“Our customized solutions make it easy for you to automate mundane and repetitive image analysis tasks. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your BioTech startup.”

Martin Fischer
Head of Global Service & Customer Care
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